Meet The Team

A man wearing a black and green polo shirt.

Gary Saunders

With over 35 years of industry experience, Gary, the Director of Forever Green Windows, began his career in window installation. Having started in the UK, he brought his expertise to Australia in 2007. Gary's responsibilities encompass client engagement, quoting, leveraging his extensive experience to manufacture windows and doors, and supervising his skilled team. His deep understanding of uPVC double glazed windows enables him to offer valuable guidance to builders and customers alike.

A man wearing a black and green polo shirt.

Andrew Saunders

With over 5 years of experience in the double-glazed industry, Andrew joined Gary's team right after high school, initially as an installer. With his passion and dedication, Andrew advanced to become the production manager, responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process and guiding his team in creating exceptional windows and doors.

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Alex M

Alex, who joined the team in October 2022 as the Office Manager, has quickly become an invaluable member of Forever Green Windows. With the company's ongoing expansion, Alex's key responsibilities encompass purchasing, scheduling, and meticulous bookkeeping. Playing a pivotal role in the seamless operation of the business, Alex ensures that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

A man wearing a black and green polo shirt.

Alex C

With over 3 years of dedicated service, Alex C is an integral member of our team. Alex specialises in cutting and preparing uPVC profiles to precise specifications for seamless welding and construction. Additionally, Alex meticulously oversees the quality control process, ensuring that our custom-made windows and doors consistently meet the highest standards of excellence.

A man wearing a black and green polo shirt.


Since joining Evergreen in November 2021, Chris has played a vital role in our team. With a focus on precision, Chris's primary responsibilities involve fitting the reveals on our windows and doors, a crucial final step in the manufacturing process. With meticulous attention to detail, Chris examines each product, ensuring they meet our stringent quality standards before they leave the factory. Additionally, Chris contributes to the initial stages of the process by assisting with the welding of our windows and doors.

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In July 2022, Damon returned to the company, reuniting with Gary after three years of prior experience in installation. With the company's expansion into manufacturing, Damon took on the vital role of quality control. His primary responsibility involves meticulously inspecting and ensuring the cleanliness of all corner welds, promptly addressing any identified issues. In addition to his quality control duties, Damon also provides valuable support in the initial welding process, contributing to the overall excellence of our products.

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Braiden is a recent addition to the Forever Green Windows team. As a key member, Braiden oversees the cutting process of our reinforcement materials, which are securely fastened to the corresponding uPVC profile pieces. In addition, Braiden closely collaborates with Andrew to acquire expertise in the assembly of our windows and doors, including the precise fitting of hardware components. Together, they ensure the seamless construction and functionality of our exceptional products.

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Forever Green Windows is an Australian Owned Business and all our products are manufactured in Australia.