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Congratulations on your decision to install uPVC window frames, a wise choice for their durability and exceptional benefits, including easy maintenance and effective insulation and soundproofing. Now, with uPVC selected, your next important decision awaits – choosing the perfect colours! Amidst a diverse range of options, finding the ideal match for your home can be a delightful challenge.

At Forever Green Windows, we offer a wide array of colours to transform your home. Picking the right colour is crucial because these elements are visible both inside and outside. To help you decide, keep these tips in mind:

Ensure consistency by matching the colour for both doors and windows. Consider your home’s architectural style—traditional homes shine with browns and creams, while modern ones stand out in black, silver, or white. Draw inspiration from your property’s exterior to decide if you want to complement or contrast. Your choice of colour reflects your style, and with Forever Green Windows, you have the options to make your home truly yours.

Colour Options

A pair of white sandals on a background.


Keywords: Brown wood, background

Golden Oak

A wall with a clock on it.


An image of UPVC casement windows on a dark brown background.

Nut Tree

A white teddy bear is standing on a gray background, surrounded by UPVC casement windows.


A man is sitting on a bench in front of a gray wall, with UPVC windows.

Grey Aluminium

UPVC Casement & Awning Windows with a blue background.

Anthracite Grey

An image of a black background with a light shining on UPVC windows.

Ash Black

Discover Your Window Colour Options

Enhancing Your Home with Style and Functionality

Colour Selection

Choose from a range of standard colours including white, cream, ash black, silver, grey aluminium, anthracite grey, golden oak, and nut tree.

Dual Colours

Experience versatility with dual-colour options – white on the inside and your chosen colour on the exterior, to suit your personal style.

Premium Colour Options

Elevate your style with exclusive premium colours, available at a higher premium.

Unique Style

Personalise your windows and doors to reflect your unique taste.

High Quality

Trust in our top-notch materials and craftsmanship for enduring elegance.

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Immerse yourself in the benefits of improved energy efficiency, enhanced security, and stunning designs, carefully crafted to transform your living space into a haven of comfort and style.

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